Aletheia Banjara School

GBBMI partners directly with GBBM-India to support Aletheia Banjara School.  Aletheia is accredited by the Indian government and currently educates almost 480 Banjara students in classes ranging from Pre-Primary School to 10th grade.  Students study several subjects including maths, history, Telugu and English.   Students also attended a weekly “Moral Sciences” class where they learn Christian character qualities and Bible verses using a  curriculum written by Collierville Bible Church of Collierville, Tennessee.

Aletheia Banjara School is the best local educational school for Banjara students.  Given that most Banjara children do not receive an adequate education GBBMI believes this program ministers directly to the felt needs of Banjara families.  In addition, students are taught by Christian teachers who model Christ’s love and who teach Christian principles.

Aletheia Banjara School is funded by generous donors around the globe who follow God’s leading in providing scholarships for students.  A scholarship is a yearly cost of $360 and provides uniforms, books, teacher’s salary, lunch and a snack for the students.  For more information on the scholarship program please contact Marcia Whitehorn (GBBMI Director of Scholarships) at

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