Our Mission


Global Banjara Baptist Ministries, International (GBBMI) is a Christian mission organization with a  passion to bring the Banjara people into the Kingdom of God through saving faith in Jesus Christ.  GBBMI partners with Global Banjara Baptist Ministries of India and  churches and individuals outside India to support evangelism and church planting, educational programs, HIV awareness programs and agricultural programs.

GBBMI was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in the United States.  GBBMI is overseen by a Board of Directors that live in India, and the United States.

GBBMI supports the missional work of Global Banjara Baptist Ministries of India by supplying training and funds  to support local, indigenous church planters and pastors.  In addition, GBBMI supports a registered school in Andra Pradesh that currently educates over 480 children.  The goal of GBBMI is to establish a small home church or “Worship Center” in each Banjara village. GBBMI trusts the Lord to facilitate training and provide funds to help reach the Banjara for Christ; one village at a time; one person at a time.

Our Mission

  • To establish reproducing churches in each Banjara Thanda.

GBBMI serves and assists Banjara Indian nationals to establish new churches in Banjara Villages, or Thandas, where no Christian church exists.  In this regard, church is defined not as a building but as the body of believers who earnestly seek to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their family and neighbors.  GBBMI is devoted to prayerfully helping to encourage each church with the desire to plant new churches in yet unreached Thandas.

  • To pastor and teach Banjara believers in authentic Christian fellowship.

GBBMI serves and assists Banjara Indian pastors as they teach Banjara believers the Christian faith.  GBBMI accomplishes this goal by cultivating and developing strategic partnerships between churches in the United States and GBBM-India to provide training conferences for lay Banjara pastors.  Training conferences focus on discipleship, evangelism, cultivation of prayer and basic Christian doctrine.  These conferences provide much needed in-the-field Christian education for the Banjara believers.   GBBMI partners with Fellowship Bible Church of Waco, Texas in Pastoral Training.

  • To provide outstanding educational opportunities for Banjara children.

GBBMI partners directly with GBBM-India to support Aletheia Banjara School.  Aletheia is accredited by the Indian government and currently educates almost 480 Banjara students in classes ranging from Pre-Primary School to 10th grade.  Students study several subjects including maths, history, Telugu and English.   Students also attended a weekly “Moral Sciences” class where they learn Christian character qualities and Bible verses using a  curriculum written by Collierville Bible Church of Collierville, Tennessee. 

Aletheia Banjara School is the best local educational school for Banjara students.  Given that most Banjara children do not receive an adequate education GBBMI believes this program ministers directly to the felt needs of Banjara families.  In addition, students are taught by Christian teachers who model Christ’s love and who teach Christian principles.

Aletheia Banjara School is funded by generous donors around the globe who follow God’s leading in providing scholarships for students.  A scholarship is a yearly cost of $360 and provides uniforms, books, teacher’s salary, lunch and a snack for the students.  For more information on the scholarship program please contact Marcia Whitehorn (GBBMI Director of Scholarships) at gbbmi.abs@gmail.com.

  • To assist Banjara Pastors in vocational projects.

Banjara Pastors often shepherd several Thanda churches or requiring significant travel time.  It is therefore difficult for the Pastors to earn a living in agriculture.  GBBMI helps meet the economic needs of the Banjara Pastors by providing one time grants that are used as initial capital for a family business.  The business provides a relible, independent revenue stream that allows the pastor to devote more time to the Banjara people.  GBBMI partners with churches to raise the funds for the one-time grants that have been used for grocery stores, grain grinding projects, goat herds and milking buffalos. 

  • To honor the dignity and wisdom of Banjara culture as a way to honor the diversity of God’s creation.

God is glorified in the rich diversity of cultures found in the world.  The Banjara culture is multi-faceted in its depth, fullness and colors.  GBBMI seeks to honor God by promoting the Banjara culture through vision trips to India.  If your church or local body of believers seeks to find a place where God might use you, GBBMI encourages you to dream big dreams in the name of a big God.  Vision trips include tours of Hyderabad and Banjara Thandas where you will interact intimately with the Banjara culture.  Eating, dancing, playing and ministering are the fabric of GBBMI’s vision trips.