Sponsor Information & Expectations

GBBMI partners directly with GBBM-India to support the Aletheia Banjara School
Aletheia is accredited by the Indian government and currently educates 480 Banjara students in classes ranging from Pre-Primary School (PPS) to 10th grade. Students study several subjects including maths, history, Telugu and English. Students also attended a weekly “Moral Sciences” class where they learn Christian character qualities and Bible verses using a curriculum written by Collierville Bible Church of Collierville, Tennessee.

Cost of Sponsorship

Aletheia Banjara School is funded by generous donors around the globe who follow God’s leading in providing scholarships for students. A scholarship is a yearly cost of atleast $360 which provides basics needs for the students.

Boarding Cost per student is $360 a year or $30 a month.

  • Includes Food, Shelter, Access to Clean Water

Education Cost per student is $360 a year or $30 a month.

  • Includes Uniforms, Textbooks, and Teacher’s Salaries

The Average Combined Cost for the education and boarding for a student is $720 a year.

College Sponsorships are $110 a month or $1320 annually.

How do I Sponsor?

A student can be sponsored by going to the Sponsor a Student page where you will be able to select the sponsorship level you are interested in. You will be able to choose between Boarding, Education, and/or College level sponsorship and whether you would like to make payments Annually or Monthly.

Once you have selected your sponsorship level, you may proceed to the Checkout page to complete your order.

An account is required to complete the sponsorship order and you will be asked to register upon checkout. If paying with Paypal, you will also need a PayPal account for reoccurring payments to work properly.


Renewal notification letters will be sent via Mail and/or E-Mail around or before March 1st of each year prompting you of the Sponsorship’s renewal.

Subscription payments for sponsorship can be canceled at anytime through the My Account page on this website or through the PayPal.com account you used for Sponsorship.

Student Progress

Once your order has been completed and your student assigned to you, the student’s profile will appear within the My Sponsored Students page. This page contains content such as information, letters, images, and videos related to the student(s) you have sponsored.

How to view Student Information and Progress
First, make sure you are logged into your account. To download or view content related to your student’s progress go to the
My Sponsored Students page, this page will list all the students you are currently sponsoring. Click on the Student’s profile you would like to view, and at the bottom of the student’s profile there is a “Video” and “Student Progress Attachments” section. Here you will be able to download images, letters, and watch videos of your student’s progress.

Events & Social Media

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